Phase 1: Geospatial Mapping

A geoportal will be realized showing the location of factories in the Smart Factory Web and allowing a role-specific drill-down to show location and deployment of machines and devices. This will be done by a geospatial mapping service.

The user will be able to search for and locate factories with the desired capbilites according to his role and level of authorization. He will be able to zoom into the factory to obtain information about the production process and the status of assets (e.g. machines).

Location will be displayed on a world map and also at a finer level in a factory network plan; standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium will be applied for geographical and indoor coordinate systems.

Participating factories must be compliant to the Smart Factory Web (SFW) to be able to register. Factory equipment and its capabilities shall be described in AutomationML. Access to information in the AutomationML factory model will be controlled by assigned security levels for defined roles.

The factory information given in phase 1 will be basic in Phase 1 and extended in Phase 3.

The figure below shows the registration in phase 1.